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Anointing Water Conference Testimonies

Every great thing begins small. Our Savior was born as a baby, but did not remain that way. Similarly, the ministry of TB Joshua started out small and has grown tremendously. The Anointing Water Conference is a fire that started in the USA that is being used to destroy the work of the enemy in the lives of people.

There were four faith building messages during the meetings. They encouraged us that:
– We need God’s mercy and favor, not just healing.
– It’s the cry of faith that stops Jesus, not the cry of desperation.
– The way to maintain our miracle is to keep God’s word in our mouths and minds, and to obey it.
– God can use any medium. It’s not the water that heals, but Jesus Himself, since the anointing is done in His Name.
– Of all graces, faith honors God the most. Of all graces, God honors faith the most.
– Our confession gives us our possession.

The power of God was evident from the beginning. There were people who were being delivered during mass prayer, during their pre-interviews, during the announcements, as well as people being healed by watching the services live on the internet. All the glory goes to God.

We are so thankful that the man of God has a great vision, and that vision includes all nations. We are grateful that our nation is not excluded.

Here are a few testimonies from the conference:

“I had a chronic sinus condition that would make breathing cold air almost impossible. Now, after prayer, I can breathe freely. I no longer have to rinse my sinuses to breathe well. It feels so good to be healthy! Praise the Lord.”
– Josephine (Seattle, Washington)

“I came over to the meetings with sadness and pain, including back pain and a walking disability. Not only did my pain leave me in less than one second, but I have also received internal joy. Now I walk without support better than when I came there. Normally I cannot fly for 5 hours without feeling stressed. When I got home I had so much energy in me that I even went shopping! That is something I have never done after a trip.”
– Julienne (North Hollywood, California)

For 5 years, Elijah had tremendous limitation in his business. He visited the SCOAN at the beginning of December 2011, and immediately after his visit, his business began to boom. He now has enough contracts to last him for the next 2 years.
– Elijah (Portland, Oregon)

Sheryl was delivered from 20 years of smoking by praying with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. She came to the conference and was healed of chronic headaches, due to a neck condition, after receiving prayer with the Anointing Water.
– Sheryl (Montesano, Washington)

The next HEALING, DELIVERANCE & SALVATION CONFERENCE will happen on March 2-4, 2012. The man of God has said, that Wise Man Harry is Coming!

The best is truly yet to come!