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How to Defeat Satan?

28 Mar Word | 2 comments

God has given great victory over Amalek to Saul (1 Samuel 15). Saul did not utterly destroy God’s enemy but took the king as a prisoner. At first, it may seem like, nothing is wrong with that. But to take someone as a prisoner, you have to give him FOOD, PLACE to STAY, and PROTECTION. Saul was giving all these things to the enemy of God. When David received victory over Goliath, he utterly destroyed his enemy by removing his head.

There is not question about the fact that satan has been defeated on the cross of Calvary by Jesus’ death and resurrection. But, at times we are like Saul, we take the defeated enemy into our life and supply him with POWER – food, PLACE – to stay, and PROTECTION. We can’t kill satan but we are called to resist him, but most of our generation is assisting him.

Don’t Give Demons:
1. POWER (1 Cor.10:20). Jesus took power from satan but we can give it to him again if we give him “food”. Porn for example is food for demon of lust. Porn does not feed you, it feeds the enemy. Whatever you feed, you empower; whatever you starve you weaken. Sometimes we can feed the enemy by starving our spirit (Matt.13). When sower sowed a seed and the seed fell on hard ground but not in the ground, that seed became food for “bird” – satan. When you starve your own spirit, by that you feed your enemy.

2. PLACE (Eph.4:27). Every prisoner needs food (power) and place. This means we should not bring articles  or things that are of demonic kingdom into our house. Achan brought accursed thing from Jericho and brought curse upon himself. This also means we should not allow thoughts that come from the enemy to dwell in our heart. You can’t kill satan but you can make him homeless.

3. PROTECTION (Eph.5:11). Every prisoner needs protection, so that he does not escape and so that others don’t harm him. When you make excuses for your sin, addiction, bad habits, you are defending the author of all destruction – satan. Don’t protect your enemy, fight your enemy. We are not taught by God to blame everything on the enemy, but we are called to wage war with defeated foe who is behind all of affliction and evil. Most of our generation today, takes the credit for good things God has done, and blames God for the bad things satan has done. Don’t blame God, don’t blame satan; trust in God, resist the enemy. Remember, if you protect satan, he will never return the favor.

How to defeat satan? Jesus already did that, but make sure you don’t give your enemy food, place, and security.

  1. Grace Yanga03-28-13


  2. victoria a perry12-08-13

    i will take on satan any time!!!!!!!

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