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07 Sep Word | 1 comment

Becoming Who We Are

Blessed, loved, honored, forgiven, righteous, prosperous, victorious, set apart, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, blessed when I go in and blessed when I go out, everything my hand touches will prosper. Those are just a few of the incredible and many of the characteristics that the people of God inherit and come into. Through […]


12 Aug Word | 5 comments

Fighting Financial Issues

2350 verses in the bible are on money, twice as much as those on faith and prayer combined. 15% of everything Jesus taught on was money, more than heaven and hell combined. The only subject Jesus spoke about more than money was the Kingdom of God. which leaves a question, if money played such an […]


04 Aug Word | Comments

Stay Committed to Church

Christianity has 2.1 billion members which is, 1/3 of the world’s population; bigger than any nation or organization. The church today is a force God uses to advance the Kingdom of God. Wednesday evening we had the opportunity to be challenged and encouraged through the powerful message “Cling to Church” delivered by our pastor Vladimir […]


16 Jul Word | 9 comments

Remove Demonic Things From Your House

Do you ever wonder why am I stuck in life, not moving forward in my job, finances, or relationships? Have you ever thought maybe it’s something in my house or the house itself? There could be an unclean demonic spirit at fault. Did you ever wonder why you can’t get an ex out of you […]


15 Jul Word | 1 comment

4 Ways to Share Your Faith

Okay, so you can’t technically save every person in this entire world, but you can save the people in YOUR world. Having a little trouble spreading the love of Jesus? Here are 4 brief ways you can step up your evangelism game and be on the road to winning souls for Christ! 1 – Do […]


28 Jun Word | 5 comments

Prayer Line | Overview| June 26, 2016

Time is flying by us so quickly. We are already half way through the year and needless to say it has already been quite the roller coaster. We recently finished our Anointing Water Prayer Line on Sunday and it was our best one yet for 2016. God had a big plan for Sunday morning and […]


22 Jun Word | 4 comments

Living with a Different Spirit

To follow God whole heartedly, your spirit must be different. Walking with the Lord creates something different within all of us. We walk with in authority, victory and special spirit that lives inside of us. In our Christian walk we will face painful seasons in our life. These seasons will be like thorns that will […]


10 Jun Word | 3 comments

The Curse of Hubris

Pride. Sin. Lucifer. All three of these words have the letter “I” in the middle of them. Today we live in a culture that abides by the trinity of Me, Myself, and I instead of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. Pride is the curse of Hubris. A proud person […]


07 Jun Word | 3 comments

Transfigured by Prayer

The size of our vision has to be the same size of our prayer. The reason why we encourage so much prayer is because the vision that we have demands a different type of prayer. It demands a prayer that is as a big as the vision that sees thousands of people being saved in […]


31 May Word | 2 comments

Prayer Line | Overview | May 29, 2016

Emmanuel! God is with us indeed. We are so privileged and honored to have the opportunity to administer the anointing water for the glory of God. This past Sunday was our Anointing Water Prayer Line. It was our first Anointing Water Prayer Line since our Raised to Deliver Conference with Apostle John Chi. Over 30 […]