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06 Feb Word | Comments

MANNA off the MENU

With the sanctuary filled and waiting with open hearts, Pastor Vladimir Savchuk opened his message by reading Joshua 5:11-12. “And they ate the produce of the land on the day after the Passover, unleavened bread and parched grain, on the very same day. Then the manna ceased on the day after they had eaten the […]


27 Jan Word | 1 comment

Rainbow Promise

As our Pastor Vladimir brought the word today, he did not preach a sermon rather he prophesied and declared a decree into our lives. That in 2016 and forward the flood of your past will not reappear in your future. NEVER AGAIN. Speaking from Genesis 9:12-16, the rainbow to Noah was a sign of a […]


22 Jan Word | Comments

Making Deals with the Devil

The fire of God was brought and we were challenged through the message spoken by our Pastor Vladimir, Don’t make deals with the devil. Within this message we learn an essential key to success in our walk with God and success in our lives in general. And it all boils down to Do not make […]


15 Jan Word | Comments

Kings and Priests

We must always worship and respect our God! It’s important to become a priest in private and a king in public. That we should wait on God in private and be in war alongside of God in public. Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is what will guide us in everything that we will do […]


11 Jan Word | 2 comments

Afflicted but Not Restricted

Our salvation from God comes with a purpose. Once saved we are meant to go out and share with everyone about God’s mercy and goodness. The goal is to bring others who do not know God before him and guide them to dedicating themselves to Jesus Christ. Once we are saved we need to put […]


06 Jan Word | Comments

Renewed Like an Eagle

As we gathered together to celebrate the end of an epic year with HungryGen, we were yet again blessed to listen as our pastor Vladimir Savchuk imparted wisdom. As he spoke from his message Renewed like an eagle, he pointed out the characteristics of an eagle that if we can learn to live by and […]


23 Dec Word | Comments

Flourishing Like a Palm Tree

Psalm 92:12, “and the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree.” As Pastor Vladimir Savchuk delivered a powerful word Sunday morning we were enlightened and challenged to define what success means to us and what success looks like for a Christian. The word of God states that the righteous shall flourish, but first we must […]


17 Dec Word | 2 comments

The Good of the Land

It is east to run away from God when times get hard or after we sin, but it’s important to realize that we should actually run towards God and not away from him. Come to God when you have sinned and confess what you have done. He will forgive you and show his unconditional love […]


08 Dec Word | 1 comment

Missionary Mindset

Through prayer we have realized that it is okay to ask God any question that we desire and in some how he will find a way to answer us. When we ask questions to God it reveals our heart.  But we need to realize that sometimes God needs to ask us a few questions so […]


27 Nov Word | Comments

When Grace Rewrites Your Story

When grace changes your story it covers your history and rewrites your destiny. As grace is available for all to partake, we learn out of Ruth 2:15 from Ruth and Naomi there is a path to take and things we can do in our everyday Christian life to where we live out of a place of grace, […]