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Colorado Shooting Prophesied by TB Joshua

Colorado Shooting Prophesied by TB Joshua

On June 10, 2012 during the Sunday Live Service at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua prophesied about a tragic event that will happen in the nation of America. He instructed the people of the world to pray specifically for America, because there would be a mass shooting in a large gathering of people that would take many lives. He mentioned that it would be a problem for the homeland security, signifying that this event would take place in one of our own states. The Good News Church led a group of people to the SCOAN during the week of the Prophet’s birthday from June 7-14. Our group was there when this world prophesy was being announced.

Just three days ago in Aurora, Colorado, during the midnight premiere of the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” a man came into the cinema and set off a bunch of tear gas, then proceeded to shoot at the crowd in the theater. This shooting claimed at least twelve lives, and injured many more. The perpetrator turned himself in to the cops and said that his car and house were full of other explosives. Prophet TB Joshua also mentioned in the prophecy that the man was “mental.” We can see from the evidence produced that this prophecy was very accurate.

Tragic events like this do not happen every day. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, these events are few and far between, but tragic nonetheless. There have been other deplorable events similar to this one, such as the Columbine shooting, Virginia Tech shooting, and the Fort Hood shooting, to name a few. However, all of these events have had years in between them, and none of which could be predicted through the natural. This prophecy given by the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, was very accurate in its details, clearly inspired by God Almighty.

We are very blessed to have a Prophet of God among us today. The difference between a prophet and a pastor is that the Prophet of God prays BEFORE a tragedy happens (because God reveals the incident to him), while a pastor prays AFTER the incident (upon reading the news). We need God to raise up more prophets to warn the world of the things to come. The Prophet of God instructs the people on what to pray for, according to what the Lord reveals to him. Therefore, we must listen to the prophet when He speaks.

In regard to this tragic shooting in Colorado, we at the Good News Church offer our condolences. All of the people affected by this tragedy, including the victims and their families, are in our prayers. We also pray that God Almighty will continue to keep the nation of America under the shadow of His protection.

Watch the Prophecy and it’s Confirmation:

  1. Ester Liyati Phiri07-26-12

    Praise The Lord May The Lord God Almighty continue to use The Man of God T.B Joshua to enlighten the world about events to come.

  2. Roman Ariri06-09-13

    We thank God for his anointed servants, be it a Prophet, Pastor, An evangelist or apostle, they are all God’s valuable servants. They all do valuable work in the Kingdom of God. The problem with man is to appreciate the kingdom work they do. Without them we will all be in darkness with regard to the truth of God’s word. For example; as valuable as the Prophet is to us, so is the pastor who teahes God’s word so that we will know God’s will for man and live our lives fully. The problem sometimes is finding a true pastor or a true prophet that is anointed by God.

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