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Faith Honors God. God Honors Faith

05 May Word | 1 comment

In Mark 2, we read about story of paralytic man. Jesus saw the FAITH of his friends and healed him. You need to have faith, even if you are not sick. You need to have faith for others to be healed, saved, and blessed. JESUS SEES FAITH. Jesus wants to see your faith before He speaks to your problem. Faith of the 4 brothers was challenged, it was tested. They couldn’t reach Jesus because of the crowd. Tests can’t destroy our faith, they only reveal our faith. Test in school doesn’t destroy your knowledge, but only reveals it. Just like hot water reveals what’s inside of the tea bag, so is difficulties reveal what’s our ‘bag’ is actually filled with.

In 1 Samuel 2:29, God says, “I will honor those who honor Me”. God honors faith, because faith honors God. Fear honors the devil. Tears honor your emotions. Complaining honors your situation. Faith honors God. God doesn’t honor complaining, fear, nor self-pity, but FAITH. Twice Jesus marveled in His ministry, was when He saw GREAT FAITH (Matt.8:10) and when He saw complete unbelief (Mark 6:5-6). Your faith or lack of it marvels Jesus.

In 2 Kings 7:1-2, we see God says that He will end famine in Samaria but ‘officer’ does not believe in that word. Prophet said to him, “you will see the provision but not eat of it.” MY FAITH DOESN’T MAKE GOD FAITHFUL, BUT IT MAKES ME A PARTAKER OF HIS PROMISE. Sometimes people say, my faith makes no difference, God is God, and He will do what He wants to do. That’s true but, you will be LEFT BEHIND on His promises if you refuse to trust in Him.


  1. Aazore Cyprian10-14-16

    let pray for peace and love in the world.

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