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Revival in the USA with Wise Man Harry

Truly, REVIVAL began this past weekend in Pasco, Washington at the TRAC Center for the Revival in the USA Meeting with Wise Man Harry. People from all over the United States and Canada gathered together to be witnesses of the real, authentic, and forceful power of God in action. Wise Man Harry was sent to Pasco, Washington, USA for this incredible meeting per instructions from Prophet T.B. Joshua from the Synagogue, Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. Before this conference, T.B. Joshua invested into America by giving many charitable donations to different places in the United States. As the Pastor of the SCOAN, his vision is to reach people all around the world with the Gospel. Jesus Christ is still the same miracle-working Jesus that we read about in the Bible. We thank God that America was not excluded from His master plan, and that He made a way for the people of the United States to be partakers of this glorious movement!

The expectancy for this meeting was very high! The people of the United States have been waiting for this kind of revival to happen in America for a long time. Hundreds of people began registering online for this conference as soon as word broke out on Emmanuel TV! In only two weeks time, there were over 1,300 people registered for this Revival Meeting, and the phones didn’t stop ringing at the SCOAN USA Office for weeks leading up to this event. The people couldn’t wait to experience the power of God and receive their healing, deliverance, and breakthrough in Jesus’ name! There were over 2,000 people watching the service via the live feed from our website, and all three services were streamed live on the local TBN channel as well as on Emmanuel TV.

The weekend consisted of countless miracles, including extraordinary healings and mighty deliverances. The light of God was so intense in the arena, that no power of darkness was able to withstand it, and was forced out of the lives of the people in attendance. Words of Prophecy were delivered by Wise Man Harry to bring about change and breakthrough in the lives of the recipients. All the glory belongs to God Almighty.

The Revival Meeting began on Friday night with powerful clips of testimonies from the SCOAN, followed by amazing worship from the Hungry Generation Worship Team. Wise Man Harry came out right after worship and delivered a powerful message titled, “The Most Charming Temptation.” He explained how pleasure usually turns the mind of man off his Creator. “If you make God your heart’s delight, you would have your heart’s desire.” Wise Man Harry encouraged the audience to focus their attention on God.

Shortly after the message, the people at the meeting began lining up for the prayer line, just like at the SCOAN in Nigeria. As Wise Man Harry prayed for the people in the power of the Holy Spirit, the chains in people’s lives began to break and they began to be disconnected from the evil spirits that tormented their lives. People, who were once using the help of walking aids such as crutches, began to walk freely, without any help, after they were prayed for by Wise Man Harry. During the prayer line, many people testified to the glory of God after they received prayer and prophecy, confirming that Jesus Christ had set them free, and that the prophecy they received was indeed true in their lives.

The night was finished off with mass prayer as Wise Man Harry began declaring the name of Jesus. The people of God prayed along with him, and evil spirits were thwarted out of people’s lives and all contrary spirits had to submit to the powerful and awesome name of Jesus Christ. During this mass prayer, many people were brought to the front as they began vomiting up all the substances that had poisoned their bodies for so long, causing sickness and disease. Truly, the anointing breaks the yoke.

Friday night was only the beginning of the work that God had started at the Revival in the USA with Wise Man Harry. The excitement and expectation was high for the rest of the weekend as the people had a chance to witness the remarkable power of God. Like the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, says, “If people are to believe, they MUST see proof that Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today, and forever.” The people were so encouraged by what they saw on Friday night that hundreds more came to the Good News Church on Saturday morning and began lining up outside at 5:00 a.m. to be screened for the prayer line for Saturday’s service! In fact, there were so many that another screening had to be opened for Saturday night, in order to include all of the people who had come.

Saturday’s service was no disappointment for the people of God, as the Holy Spirit continued to administer healing, deliverance, and breakthrough, through the Man of God, Wise Man Harry. Even greater miracles were seen on Saturday as the Holy Spirit continued His mighty work. Many live testimonies were given from those who were healed and delivered the night before, encouraging the faith of those who still remained yet for the prayer line.

One woman who had been prayed for the night before and received a mighty deliverance from an evil spirit that was causing sicknesses and death in her family, testified that she had been completely set free. She had gone home that night and called her very sick mother in Tanzania and asked how she was doing. Her mother had proclaimed that for the first time, in a very long time, that she was able to sleep peacefully and felt no sickness in her body! We can see in this powerful testimony that distance is not a barrier for God Almighty, and as the woman was delivered from this evil spirit, that her mother in Tanzania had also received her healing at the same time!

With each service came an even greater expectation of what God was going to do. Friday was GREAT, Saturday was GREATER, but the Sunday service was the GREATEST! God had truly saved the best for last! Wise Man Harry came out after worship and opened the service with a wonderful word about the story of his life. He shared how he had grown up in Macedonia, Greece just a short distance from the actual prison that Paul and Silas had been imprisoned in. It was this historical and biblical ground that inspired him to search for the real power of God for himself. In his pursuit, he came upon the SCOAN in Nigeria and the rest is history.

The whole arena was filled with faith after Wise Man Harry’s encouraging word. The prayer line was then continued where it had left off from the night before. During this service were the greatest deliverances and healings of the entire weekend. One man in the prayer line had difficulty walking due to a stroke that he had just four months earlier. He had to use the help of a walker and his wife had to support him as he hobbled to the prayer line. Immediately after being prayed for by Wise Man Harry in the power of the Holy Spirit, he stood up and began to walk on his own as if he had brand new legs! Praise the Lord!

A woman had come to the Revival in the USA with the addiction of eating ice. For years she had been bound by this problem. It caused her to have to have multiple blood transfusions and brought much torment into her life. She couldn’t live normally, the addiction consumed her entirely. After receiving prayer from Wise Man Harry, she was offered more ice. She refused it, saying she no longer desired the ice. Even after taking a taste of it, she immediately spit it out. This woman was completely set free indeed! This addiction was impossible for this woman to break on her own, but to God’s power, nothing is impossible!

After the prayer line, Wise Man Harry came out once again for mass prayer. This mass prayer was even greater than the one on Friday night. As Wise Man Harry began the prayer, the Holy Spirit began to force all of the evil spirits out of the people’s lives. Hundreds of people were brought to the front as they began manifesting and vomiting all poisonous substances that had affected their bodies. The power of God was clearly evident as the people were being set free from all demonic influences in their lives. What a wonderful way to end the Revival Meeting.

We are so thankful to God that the age of miracles has not passed. Jesus Christ has not changed. He never said there would be no more miracles. This was apparent during this weekend at the Revival in the USA with Wise Man Harry. To God belongs all the glory! With the excitement of what has happened this past weekend still buzzing in our community, we at the Good News Church know that this is not the end. We are still looking forward to what God will continue to do in our midst and in our country. Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come!