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Healing & Medicine

27 Nov Word | 5 comments

In last days churches have been known for their pastor’s, sermons, buildings, choirs, but not as much as for God’s POWER TO HEAL THE HURTING SICK PEOPLE…While all these things are great, but sick people are suffering, healing is the glory of the church, but it’s HEALTH to the hurting sick people.

TB Joshua always says, “Man can be sick in the body and yet be a friend of God.” We all agree that sickness came because of sin, and there would be none of it in heaven. Jesus brings healing. Jesus doesn’t bring sickness yet He does use foolish things at times to accomplish His purpose, and sickness is one of them. Healing, not sickness glorifies Jesus the most.

There has always been an attack on healing ministry especially in the area of medicine. At times healing ministries will go to the extreme of rejecting and telling people to stop using medicine. There are stories of many people whom God healed without use of any medicine, so is there are stories of people who died because of refusal to use medicine. Where is the balance? Again, TB Joshua, the person that God uses mightily in healing, has said it beautifully, “Doctors Treat; Jesus Heals. God is God of nature. Medicine is natural.” He even went as far as to say that his household, and the church, and friends of ministry all, benefit from medicine. 🙂

Medicine treats natural sickness, but some sicknesses are as result of curses or even direct demonic attack. Medical science is completely powerless against spiritual forces. Medicine has been great help in curing, helping to fight natural diseases, but sicknesses that have demons behind them, only the name of Jesus, blood of Jesus, fire of Holy Ghost can overcome!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Healing is so needed today; it brings help to the hurting, but also, it fuels the faith of believers in the power of their God. One thing we must not forget is that miracles help some people and for others, they are stumbling block. Remember, SAME SUN THAT MELTS BUTTER, HARDENS THE CLAY…Same power of God in life of Moses, delivered Israel out of bondage, and made Pharaoh’s heart so HARD. Miracles, healing’s, and deliverances help believers with their faith but for skeptic and critic, they fuel his pride…HOW SAD 🙁

Below is the clip of the short message by TB Joshua about Healing & Medicine. Enjoy!

  1. Edward Lukali12-12-11

    my faith is always encouraged by your ministry.Am a regular viewer of Emmanuel tv and I always enjoy the deliverances,healings and prophecies indeed this reflects the authority over evil talked abt in the Bible, God bless SCOAN

  2. Maximo bubenshi12-16-11

    May our lord jesus have marcy on our souls.please lord jesus i know i have sined againest you please have marcy on me.

  3. Frank Kwame Baah02-06-12

    I Have been told that i have prostate Cancer Please pray me. God i am a siner, forgive me and have marcy.

  4. Tade remi03-15-12

    LORD jesus forgive me i know i ve sin against you please forgive me.heal me LoRD PLEASE I NEED YOUR MERCY YOUR MIRACLE YOUR BLESSING IN MY LIFE .

  5. Roman Ariri03-08-13

    Healing and modern medicine have nothing in common, so no use to compare and contrast between the two. Spiritual healing is a thing of the spirit. Because man’s lack of understanding of the spirit world that we all have to deal with on a daily basis we fall victims to or ignorance and then we go looking for healing hoping that it will make all our problems go away, failing to understand the reason why we fall sick in the first place. When we live our lives oblivious to the commandmends of God, we open our selves to enemy attacks-then we go running around looking for miracles, instead of looking for God and repenting our sins and renewing our minds. Until we changes our Godless lifesyles, satan will continue to make a mice meat out of our lives. T.B Joshua is a man of God sent by God to show his mercy on mankind who are lost because of their worldly ways. The last days a fast approching, when God’s judgment shall fall on the wicked. This time is an opportune time given to those who have ears to hear and change from their wicked ways before time run out.

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