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What is Anointing Water?

What a summer it has been, filled with God’s glory. We have witnessed the real, authentic, and forceful power of God in action during our Sunday services through the medium of the anointing water. Many people have received healing from sicknesses, deliverances from evil spirits, well as overall blessings and much more. Some of you may ask, “What is the anointing water, and how does it work?” The following is a brief explanation of the anointing water and it’s purposes.

The anointing water came to be through a revelation from God to the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua. Prophet TB Joshua is the Senior Pastor and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. Miracles, signs, and wonders have been operating through this ministry for many years. Unfortunately, the man of God cannot be in every country, or visit many places, so God instructed him to pray for bottles of water and distribute this water to people all over, for healing, deliverance, and breakthrough. Within the Scriptures, we see clear proof that God is able to use any medium to express Himself. For example, God used Paul’s handkerchief as well as Peter’s shadow to heal the sick. God also used the medium of Moses’ staff to split the Red Sea and a dirty river to heal Naaman.

By praying with the anointing water, you are setting yourself apart for God’s special attention as you pray in faith. You are positioned for mercy, favor, healing, deliverance, blessing, prosperity, and fruitfulness. It is important to remember that it is NOT the anointing water that heals the sick, but Jesus Christ Himself. There must be faith in both the person praying and the person being prayed for. Prayer must proceed from and be accompanied with a lively faith. It it this that brings about the healing, not the anointing water.

God has been using the medium of the anointing water for quite a period of time now, and we thank God for this special grace. Many people have received a touch from God by praying, or being prayed for, with the anointing water. This summer alone, we have seen countless miracles take place after praying for people with the anointing water on our Sunday services. A woman from western Washington was completely healed of colon cancer, two men on different occasions were delivered of alcoholism instantly, and another woman was completely healed of a bladder infection that doctors were unable to help her with. These testimonies are only a small portion of what we have seen God doing this summer through prayer with the anointing water.

God is busy at work and we are privileged to be apart of what He is doing here in America. It is important to note that we, at the Good News Church, have been specifically instructed by the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, to pray for people with the anointing water on our services. This is not an idea that we conjured up on our own, but was rather a direct instruction given to us when several of our leaders went to the SCOAN HQ a year ago.

If you are interested in being prayed for with the anointing water, and your permanent residence is in the United States, then you can register online at our website Remember that you MUST previously register and follow the instructions completely, before coming to the church. Anyone who comes to the church and is not registered will not be prayed for. Please be mindful of the steps that need to be taken and come in faith, believing that Jesus Christ will meet you at the point of your need. Remember, better is not good enough, the BEST is yet to come!