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Why You Need To Visit SCOAN?

We just came from our recent trip, where we visited glorious church of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. As some of you already have heard our testimony on Emmanuel TV, our trip was nothing short but a great blessing from the Lord.

There is something about visiting the prophet, that’s different than visiting the pastor, doctor, or even counselor. This truth is illustrated in the story of Saul (1 Samuel 9). Donkeys were lost in Saul’s fathers house. Kish, Saul’s father send Saul to look for them. Saul went with his servant and searched for lost donkeys for a long time, and could not find them. When they became exhausted, weary, tired, hopeless, his servant said, we should visit prophet to help us with finding donkeys. They saw the prophet & Saul received more than what he came for – donkeys were found & Saul destiny was revealed, he was crowned a king. What a difference it makes to go to a prophet after all your resources have been exhausted, you will receive more than what you come for. That’s what happened to Saul when he visited Samuel, and that’s what happened to us when we visited Prophet TB Joshua. People’s needs didn’t die with the Old Testament and prophet’s didn’t die with the Old Testament. There is no problem Jesus cannot solve. Jesus never said good bye.

People from USA usually go to Africa to minister, we took our group to Lagos to be ministered to. It’s true that nations like Africa need gospel & financial support of American Christians, but spiritually most of us can benefit from them more than they can from us. It’s been said that if you visit Israel, Bible becomes a live, but if you visit SCOAN, Jesus will become alive to you. Life of Jesus is clearly seen in the life of humble servant of God, TB Joshua.

It’s very safe to visit church of TB Joshua. The people we met on airplane, in airport, in the city, were friendly, and very welcoming. From the arrival at the airport, we were picked up by SCOAN protocol and taken to Church, and back to airport when we were leaving. TB Joshua is well known and respected in Nigeria. I had people ask me for prayer in airport simply because I came from SCOAN. As a believer, I am made to understand that what makes this world is not my home, this world is not safe, not because of a certain place but because of evil in hearts of people, that evil exists in every culture, nation and tribe. But we are under God’s eye, everywhere we go, be it in our house, on the road, or in other nation. We are not safe because we are in USA, we are safe because we are under God’s eye.

As you have seen on Emmanuel TV that many people have been able to receive their healing, deliverance by merely watching and releasing their faith by praying with TB Joshua, but there is something you receive when you visit SCOAN that you can’t receive when you are at home watching TV. Here are few things we received that we could not receive by watching Emmanuel TV:

1. Personal touch and prayer by wise man and TB Joshua. We got personally prayed by every wise man and Prophet TB Joshua himself, that alone is big enough reason to go to SCOAN.

2. Our team got specific personal prophecies by Prophet. Some of them fasted for 21 days before they came. They were all shocked at how specific it was, some wept when we met as a group and discussed our personal prophecies.

3. We all received anointing water, something you can only receive at SCOAN. Because we can’t take prophet with us home, even though we wish we could, he gave us anointing water so that the grace on that water will work in our lives.

4. Everyone in the group, individually met with Prophet, where he gave instructions, prayed & even signed our Bibles. That is just worth the whole trip. TB Joshua is a man of people, not rock star. He is accessible to common man. AMAZING 🙂

5. The most exciting part is not what happened to us at Lagos, but what happened when we came home. Upon arrival some people immediately saw change in their finances, schooling and family. That’s the sign of real change. It’s not just emotional experience but transformation of life.

Here in USA, we have been spreading the word about this ministry and people have expressed a desire to go to Lagos. WE HAVE A GOOD NEWS!!! 🙂 Man of God gave us the grace to start an office in USA and to bring groups to Lagos. Something we are working on right now. Info will be on our website once these things are set. So, if you want to visit Lagos, we would love for you to come with us next time. When that next time will be, it will be on our website.

Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come!

  1. Edward Lukali12-12-11

    I cant wait to visit scoan though I know God’s time is the best,my time is coming..

  2. peter phiri12-12-11

    i badly need to visit the scoan and be delivered from satanic bondage like poverty,failure,debts,fornication for the salvation of my married with four kids.i live in contact number is +260963527671.if there is anybody who can help me financially to go to nigeria thank you very much in advance in Jesus’s name.God will reward you amen.

  3. Goodson Jones Mankhwazi12-14-11

    Goodson Mankhwazi
    I want to visit Scoan with my wife so that we should be delivered from the bondage of Satan.I have submitted the quesionare thrice but no reply.I’m in Malawi ,my cell no. is 265 999400663.Please the Scoan reply.

  4. Nadia12-21-11

    Vlad, thank you for introducing us to the TB Joshua’s ministry. I first learned about him & his ministry from you last summer at the GYMJr Camp, and now I can say that our lives have been greatly impacted by this man of God. My husband & brother-in-law are still under the impression of mightiness of our God. He is so GOOD! Keep up the good work!

  5. Nondumiso12-22-11

    How to register or make appointment to go to Nigeria, TB Joshua. I can’t wait to meet the man of God to be delivered.I believe when he pray for me my life will never be the same again. God bless

  6. Gustav12-23-11

    Thank God for the blessings you guys received. Will like to be part of the team going to SCOAN next time. It’s amazing to see youths like me in this generation who are on flame for the lord. God bless

  7. Alera12-24-11

    Emmanuel! Greetings from Bakersfield, CA. I’m so glad to hear about your group, and I’m proud of the good work you are doing to support SCOAN. I have been watching Emmanuel TV clips that you have posted on I have been to SCOAN twice: May 2011 and June 2011 during his birthday. I know that the joy that you experienced there will never be forgotten. It feels like going on vacation on a cruise and the happiness you feel afterwards. The moment you get there, you feel the presence of the Lord in the place. You are literally in a holy land. If you get the invitation to visit SCOAN, then trust me, you are blessed. I have been there twice, and oh my God the food, the love, the hospitality over there …hmmm! I’m always thinking of when to visit once more with my family.

    • Leonard12-29-11

      Mayi ask what do you do to get an invitation, i applied through the website, they told me to wait since 2010, but no invitation todate, how do you get to visit that often?

  8. Rita12-29-11

    I would love to attend the services at SCOAN to get deliverance from generational curses such as generational curses, spiritual husband, evil spirits, spirit of destruction, and more. I know God has put healing in my hands but seems like when I pray for people they get worse. I need help so if this is a prayer request, please pray for me.

  9. Leonard12-29-11

    I applied to go to SCOAN in 2010, they responded that i should wait for an invitation, i am still waiting until now but not yet invited. I send e mail reminders but i receive no responce, can some one who has been invited before tell me how long it takes before you are invited and what do you do to receive an invitation. i thought i had followed the right channel but it seems its a very long channel, i am thinking of visiting them uninvited though they dicourage it i have no option.
    Someone help please!!!

    • michel01-04-12

      I waited for the invitation but I could not get it on time as they are millions of millions of millions of people all over the world who have applied for it and who definetly flock to Scoan to seek delivrance from satans bondage.I waited myself and I just decided to go without invitation and I was healed and delivred.Pray and ask for the inviation letter its is a very high privilege to have it,but in case you are underpressure you have to decide and take the risk.I decided and took the risk and Iam healed and delivered.But the profet himself advise that we apply for inviation letter because he care and he do not want you to get in trouble and to take unnecessary risk,anyway Jesus-Christ God of TB joshua will take full control of you as He did for me.Iam not encouraging you to go without invitation letter but I suggest that you can take the risk of doing so and involve Jesus in your trip.

      • Chris07-01-12

        Michel how did you get access to the church when you went without an invitation letter and also where did you stay. How did you also happen to meet the prophet without an invitation letter when thousands of people are there?

      • Onyango Nyanjo Migire06-08-14

        Michel, I hope you’re fine.

        Kindly tell me how did you do it without Invitation and yet manage to get there and receive your miracle.

        I filled questionnaire long time ago but they would not send me an Invitation. I therefore thinking of jumping into the same bandwagon as you. No way out.

  10. charles bbalandau12-29-11

    i would like to attend the service at scoan so that i can be delivered from generational curses such as not worshipping god in spirit,sickness, evil attack, fonicating, marrying and remarry, business failure, financial hadships and many more.

  11. Emmanuel Gdana01-01-12

    I am from Ethiopia. My name is Emmanuel Godana. I am asthmatic patient for long time. I am Grade 9 student. May pray to me and also give me Scholarship.
    Thank you for your help!

  12. R. Mensah01-02-12

    Thanks for saying yes to the Lord for bringing TB Joshua ministries to us in the U.S. My uncle and I have been praying for this for more than 7 years now and even planned to do something about this. Thank God it finally happened… I give all the Glory to God.
    I pray that thru this ministry the Lord will mighty reach out to the lost of this land and we will be the best channels for Him to do so.
    Be blessed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

  13. R. sam01-08-12

    The only thing can get you an invitation from Scoan is God’s favor.You must pray like never before. I submitted everything they requested me,but yet I am yet to receive a reply.If you have an opportunity to go there..just go there and get your deliverance.

  14. kabelo salobati01-13-12

    i am still waiting for their invitation since march 2011.i live in Botswana and always watch many of my people giving uplifting pastor also visited scoan. i know my turn will come. Even if it can take many years of waiting God’s time is the best.i cannot sleep without watching Prophet t.b. Joshua.He is my father, mentor and most importantly he is the prophet of the whole world.may GOD continue to use him mightly and bless the world.

  15. kekang janet01-13-12

    i want pastor to pray for me and my family because we have been having challenges we don’t have a job and my husband and i are graduates right now only God know’s how my children would go to school that’s why i wan’t to visit pastor so that we can have changes in our lifes

  16. Miriam sakala03-04-12

    you truly man of GOD Plz i want your invitation.

  17. Beauty Chilufya03-07-12

    I want my daughter to visit scoan in the next three weeks time

  18. George Mikwana04-09-12

    Very preveledged and proud to say i visited SCOAN last year in May, the man of God TB Joshua invited me, we spent 7 days at the magnificent Synagogue Church of all Nations. On the 2nd day we went to the mountain where we spent the whole night praying, you will never come back home the same person in the LORD.

  19. ATONG Marthe Claire04-10-12

    I am 68 years-old, and for years I suffer from arthritis and an acute cough. I’ve taken medication, without success, and it hurt me to enpêche dormir.Le priest told me that these are the evil spirits that affect me. This is why I am writing to you my prophet, for you to help me venze that evil can disappear jamais.Si I decide to come to you is to have an issue because I ‘Hoping to have confidence in you as you take my concerns to heart. Yours. May God bless you.
    I await your invitation by the ticket email address of my little girl.

  20. NELSON MWAKABUTA04-18-12



  21. edwin04-18-12

    my name is Edwin things are not going well for me in life did not grow up with a strong christian back ground but i want to know God so that he can guide me all my life. i am struggling to get a job ,fighting with my girlfriend everyday whom i want to marry sometimes i feel letting go but i love .sometimes i feel like ending it all . i ned help so as to be on another level with God

  22. Sithole Priscah05-15-12

    Emmanuel. Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the privilledge of the emmanuel tv in our homes. I would like to visit the scoan so much because l need Jesus Christ to be alive in my life. I know l would also be delivered from all the evil spirits that keep my failing me and l believe my past will be over.

  23. Vemema Kangunde05-26-12

    Thank you very much people! I reside in the UK, and I have filled the SCOAN questionnaire, I really want to go so I can be prayed for, I am not sick in body but afflicted in soul, I can not avoid some things although I know they are not Godly, I can not withstand the spirit of lust, I believe it’s something in my blood, generational curses, so I am hoping for the grace of God to reach to my soul as I visit. so I am going to Nigeria this time……what a privellege to receive prayer from the prophet and the wise men!!

  24. Mikell Elliott07-01-12

    Hi my name is Mikell Elliott i am 17 years old and will like to visit SCOAN. I talked with my pastors and a friend of theirs about it and they say I shouldn’t go because it’s to dangerous and tb Joshua may be out just for money. Could you help me convince them that it’s safe and that tb Joshua is a true man of God.

    • HGY07-01-12

      Hi. Mikell. Nigeria is not the only place where it’s dangerous. When we go to Lagos, we go under God’s grace. I’m not sure we can help you convince anyone. Jesus, could not convince Pharisees that He was Son of God. If people watching teachings, and miracles from ministry of TB Joshua still denounce it as not from God, there is not much you can do, but love and pray. TB Joshua is not out for your money, what you see on Emmanuel TV and what you see unclose, is that he is focused on giving to poor and needy. TB Joshua does not have a home, he lives in church, he lives very poorly, because he gives all the money to the poor, he does not even focus on building nicer building or bigger building or get nice cars…his goal is to give it away to the needy, that’s why God continues to increase his anointing in spite of so many people’s rejection of him. Be blessed. God’s time is the best!!!!

  25. Masosanna Moerane07-14-12

    Early this year before the 26 May 2012 elections i asked the Prophet to pray for the free and fair elections. And to pray for peace. God gave The previous Prime Minister Dr Pakalitha Mosisili a good heart of handing over the power to the current Prime Minister Mr Tom Thabane. Long live Mosisili and Thabane. May God lead the mountain Kingdom’s coalition Government. Thank you Man of God for Praying for Lesotho. In Jesus’s name Amen.

  26. Nwanne03-12-13

    God please help me today i want to visit scoan, i have sent my request but no invitation, since last year please make a way, show me you are my impossbility specalist. I’m in need of ur supernatural help God of TB Joshu

  27. Simon Akatsa05-26-13

    To visit the Scoan, pls help me oh God.

    • Orapeleng Mogotsi05-30-13

      I bealive it is a great bleesing to visit is my greatest dream to see my self there one day.peple of God please pray with me for the almighty to make a provission for me.

  28. zipporah wanjiru njuguna06-19-13

    I cant wait 2 visit scoan but how do I fill in invitation form please help me out.thanks

    • anastasia wanjira gitonga04-06-14

      were you able to visit scoan ?i have sent several request and i want to take a risk of going without invitation

      • HGY04-07-14

        God’s time is the best. Keep writing to them and keep your faith in Jesus who will make a way for you. Remain in faith. & Keep watching EMMANUEL TV>

  29. nahum07-26-13

    now if they do it quick thank God but if my invitation is longer than a week . you know i am at the dead end road to take a know there is a saying in my country Ethiopia “once you get wet ,will not afraid of massive rain”.i saw many taking risks in Jesus time the women with blood,those guys choose the roof ,,,,,,,,even they didn’t ask him like, shall we do it this way??? nonono they did i am not the first to take a risk toward Jesus. when i say this i know i don’t even have enough money.but i know if i go i will never get back to my home w/o having individual time with dear TB Joshua.let me see when risk separate me from the love of God,,,,,,,hahah. i will do what ever it takes ………..if some one who had experienced this way share it to me .be blessed


    I do have a prayer request.
    1. I want to take child from GOD,
    2. I want to be set free from diabetes,
    3. I want to have blessing in my carrier,marriage and service

  31. NABIL KOMY10-03-13

    I want to testify the goodness of the LORD what he had done for my life, because I was sick with leukemia for three years and using the medications that costing my insurance 7,246.02 very Single month but the grace of LORD of my life he send out the Wis man HURRY to PASCO WA to seat me free and other too, since that day I did not use any of medicate again.
    as you know I came with my family this year to testify what God has done to may life, and also WE need to have blessing, in our carrier, marriage, kids, house and pace

  32. George10-13-13

    I have great desire to visit , my family and I we need deliverance.

    • George10-16-13

      I been watch emmanuel tv day and night through enter net over three years now. All things I been watch from deep of my Heart I learn my Family and I we need deliverance of close relationship with Jesus ( Victorias life) , health , financial.

  33. Doreen Boateng01-05-14

    God is really using prophet TB Joshua, I really wnt to come to the scoan with my family for a touch, pls permit us ,am waiting for our invitation,pls hear me out

    • Jacinta01-08-16

      Dear Doreen, did you ever get the chance to visit the SCOAN with your family? I would like to visit with my 7 year old who is possessed with some evil spirit. I do not have an invitation but I would like to take the risk. I know just stepping in the SCOAN we will both be delivered. Tell me about the experience

  34. Rose03-17-14

    God’s time is the best, i know by His grace i will make it to the SCOAN before end of 2014.

  35. Michelle price03-22-14

    I want to find out the next trip to scoan pls notify me am interested in joining the team.

    • HGY03-24-14

      Next trip will be in June 2014. Registration will open soon.

      • Susan Meeme Karugaba09-13-14

        When is next international registration to visit SCOAN? Am in kenya and desparately need deliverance because of what I am going through in life.


    i have been trying to register to visit SCOAN but am not succeeding. am desperate. i need help

  37. thebzi galeboe03-28-14

    i am from botswana, one woman promised she will take me to scoan in february 2014 thru the hotels coz she not a recognised coordinators. i paid to do my visa, she also got p2000 saying she is booking for flight, i trusted her since i was told she is married to the pastor and she has been taking people to scoan.she kept on changing on to next week to next week until i told her to bring back my money.the story changed,it was no longer for booking the flight, but for payment helping me fill the visa forms. i need to report this woman to scoan people so that other batswana do not get ripped off by this thievs and liars who do not have the fear of God, stealing people’s money who have problems, with the man of God s name

    • HGY03-31-14

      Please write to scoan via INFO@SCOAN.ORG and don’t ever go without dealing directly with the SCOAN officially.

  38. Maurice Martin04-08-14

    Since I apply to visit the SCOAN, it has been long time and in addition to numerous Emails to and to on and forth and up till now, still no invitation. Can some one kindly hep me and give me advice or the next and proper way to take pls.

    • HGY04-10-14

      Greetings. There is no tips we have other than pray, believe and keep on trying to email. Remain in faith.

  39. NABIL KOMY04-08-14

    I want to testify the goodness of the LORD what he had done for my life, because I was sick with leukemia for three years and using the medications that cost my insurance 7,246.02 every Single month but the grace of LORD of my life he send out the Wis man HURRY to PASCO WA to seat me free and other too, since that day I did not use any of medicate again.
    as you know I came with my family this year to testify what God has done to my life, and also WE need to have blessing, in our carrier, marriage, kids, house and peace

  40. lis05-06-14

    I recently fill the questioner’s and they replay back to me and they asked me to scan and sen my passport , how long will it take for them to send me the invitation letter??

    • HGY05-06-14

      Please write to remain blessed.

    • NABIL KOMY05-08-14

      hi : i want visit the SCOAN because i want the break through in our marriage, my career, my education, my business, and blessing to my all family in JESUS name Amen Thank you

  41. Jessica06-03-14

    Hello, I’m looking for a scoan church member to help me out with obtaining the anointing water for myself to use in Australia. I can’t make it to Lagos, can anyone help me? Please no fakes and scammers!!!

    • HGY06-03-14

      We don’t have any SCOAN members here. We don’t ship, sell, or share the Anointing Water. It can be obtained at the SCOAN, Nigeria.


    Am a kenyan citizen aged 30yrs,i beg you in the name of the lord if there is any means i can use to get annoiting water even a drop i will be the happiest lady,all is because of what am passing through in my life and my family,i have seen testmonies and i believe one day i will be seen in the screen giving out my testemonies.GOD BLESS THE WOMB WHICH GIVE BIRTH TO T.B JOSHUA.

    • HGY06-03-14

      Greetings. Anointing Water can be received at the SCOAN Nigeria. Remain in faith.

  43. Steve06-09-14

    Thank you Lord for the grace given unto me to visit SCOAN. Thank you author of this for the info here, its helped prepare my mind for a mighty touch from God through the man of God. Thank you.

    If you would like to visit the Synagogue, I’d encourage you to find a SCOAN coordinator in your area/country, register through them, and you’ll be invited to SCOAN with them. It may be expensive that way but it does work out much more quickly, but first, find the coordinator, try to find out as much info as possible about the coordinator because there are a lot of scammers out there pretending to help, or mail Anointing Water which IS ONLY AVAILABLE at the Synagogue and NO WHERE ELSE.

  44. jessica06-21-14

    Hi i just got this msg from hungry generation about the coming of PROPHET T. B. JOSHUA, i really want to know if its really true that the prophet will be coming for a crusade in the states but the website given is not going through ,,,Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

    We would like to forward a very good news from the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua!

    Because of Christ, Prophet T.B. Joshua will be in Cali, Colombia, Latin America for a crusade on the 11th & 12th of July 2014.

    When the power of God is present, healing, deliverance and salvation is like breathing! Come and experience the healing, liberating and transforming power of God!

    For more information, go to

    Remain blessed,

    • HGY06-21-14

      Greetings. Jessica.
      Please read it carefully, it is coming to COLOMBIA (latin america, not USA).
      Remain in faith

      • Favor06-22-14

        Can you please help me understand where prophet TB Joshua will be holding a crusade, because the info I am getting is confusing. God bless you!

  45. Maria06-22-14

    I just want to know if i can be able to get annoiting water over here without visiting scoan.please help me.

  46. Michelle Abena Danso07-02-14

    I want to travel to Colombia to the crusade yo me tb joshua but I don’t have the information of the places, can someone please help me get the address thanks.

  47. Chantal Angalikiana07-03-14

    Please I need to know the next trip. It’s a emergency.Remain blessed.

  48. Ester Maleaka07-11-14

    Hican u pls let me know how can I do to come to SCOAN quitly if I’ve got a relative who is sick

  49. Loverne07-15-14

    Please, can I accompany you on your next trip? I live in Jamaica, but would love to visit the SCOAN

  50. Loverne07-15-14

    I live in Jamaica and would love to visit the SCOAN> can I form a part of your group on the next trip please?

  51. Ester Maleaka07-17-14

    Hi when is the next trip to SCOAN is very agent pls let me know

  52. Marie07-20-14

    Let me know about group trip to scoan.

  53. Ian09-01-14

    I need to visit the SCOAN to receive deliverance and to prepare myself to help my family and otherst

  54. Emmanuel Nkenke09-04-14

    Let me know the time for your next trip to SCOAN. I will to visit the church in Nigeria.

    • iann Henry09-05-14

      Please Let me know when is the next trip.I need to be there, thanks

  55. Sue09-13-14

    When is Prophet TB Joshua next holding a crusade or prayers for those believing for the fruit of the womb? I also need to visit SCOAN

  56. marry lungah09-17-14

    Good afternoon
    I would like to visit SCOAN in Nigeria.I live in Mozambique and please can you help me how be there.

    Awaiting for your reply

  57. Ademola Rufai.New York.10-20-14

    Greetings to you in Jesus Name.Amen.I’m a Nigerian residing in New York.I would like to know when to come over to Pasco,Washington State for my deliverance. Icalled the telephone number,just keep ringing nobody picked up.Please,I would really appreciate,if you,return back my correspondent. Thank.

    • HGY10-20-14

      You can visit John Zalvaris there in New Jersey, he also prays with Anointing Water.

  58. Nkinke mercy mukungu02-25-15

    Goodmorning,Iam mercy from Zambia.Honestly speaking Prophet TB Joshua is a prophet of God.My prayer is that God Should add many many many more years of his life on this Earth.I cant wait to be invited to visit scoan for healing and deliverance and as well as the spirit of set backs.Emmanuel.

  59. Nkinke mercy mukungu02-25-15

    I would like to visit scoan this year 2015 and would like to find out how to go about it.i have tried to fill in the questionaire about twice and all the necessary documents required but there is no response.i believe once i step my feet there all my problems will be all over.

    • sibongile03-21-15

      i want to visit scoan because i am always sick and is a seback in my family sometime i dream about dead people.

  60. Susane Abaham03-20-15

    I am in Dallas, TX in USA. I would like to visit SCOAN recently. is anybody who is in USA going to SCOAN recently,
    we can go to there as a team together. please let me know.


  61. Susane Abaham03-20-15

    is anyone in USA going to visit SCOAN recently? we can go together as a team.


    • Yonas07-30-15

      I’m from Houston tx

    • Marie10-20-15

      Hi Susan. I’d like to visit scoan as well. i’m from the US

      • Mehari10-21-15

        Yes we want to go to scoan we are ln us

      • Mehari10-22-15

        yes we need to go scoan peals let us know

      • Benjamin b11-08-15

        I would like to visit too,I’m a Ghanaian based in USA Maryland to be precise let me know when you are ready please

  62. Ana L03-22-15

    I am from Australia I want to visit Scoan please let me if anyone from Australia would like to visit. We can accompany each other.

  63. Ana L04-01-15

    Hello guys anyone from melbourne Australia who wants to visit SCOAN please let me know we can go as a team.

  64. Mehari04-07-15

    I am from New York i want to visit scoan pleas let me know when is next trip i am a partner

  65. Renee07-17-15

    I NEED to visit the SCOAN. I am from Ohio, USA and I would like to go on the group trip. Please let me know when the next group trip will be coming up so I can prepare for it. Thanks & God bless.

  66. Yonas07-30-15

    I’m from Houston Texas.

  67. Jonathan Twice Tebogo07-30-15

    i wish so much to come to visit the Synagogue,Church of All Nations to give my testimonies on the medium of the Anointed water and the miracle of a young child whom restored her privet part through the pray after ministering the anointed water. and it what the doctor’s said it can only be than by only specialties in UK, only where She was born and we didn’t have anything to offer but, only to give to God through pray at that time, and it was done.

  68. Alick kumwenda08-04-15

    T.B Joshua is areal man of God in this world,am just looking from scoan also to visit and to see man of God.I cant wait to be delivered from bud dreams,family problems and breakthrough

  69. jane s08-04-15

    I am interested to go on the next trip to scoan church.

    • Andrew08-06-15

      please kindly notify me if there is any event schedule healing crusade for 2015.

      Thank you

  70. Praisegod ntombela08-06-15

    Plz can you help I want to visit synagogue church of all nation I pastor a church iwant direction I don’t want to mislead people if

  71. KEBAEDITSE08-07-15

    thank you so much for this group.myself im from BOtswana.
    I love the Prophet so much but i believe one day i will be i SCOAN.

  72. Nopen08-31-15

    God pls take me to this place,I want to deliver and follow you son jesus christ In my life forever.

  73. Leonie Edouard09-08-15

    Hi. I keep having recurrent miscarriages. I dont know what is wrong. I dont have no kids. I keep praying but when I pray my faith is weak. My soul is weak. I need help.

  74. Jessica Hisako Woods09-27-15

    My Family & I need delivernces from bondages, and financially we can’t afford to go to Scoan, so if there is anyway you guys can help financially to get to scoan…! We are in need of deliverence. Please If I the Lord is willing for us to go… Or even some of us to go and bring back the anointing would be fantastic… Thank you Lord!

  75. Mehari10-06-15

    Hi when is next trip to the scoan

  76. MESERET BELAYNEH10-07-15


  77. ermiyas10-27-15

    first of all i thank almighty God for his grace.i always watch emmanuel tv in my home.when i hear prophet tb joshua to ethiopia.i give glory to GOD.I want the man of GOD to pray for me for phone number 0934768598


    Tb. Joshua I a real man of god he was chosen before he was born when he was in his mums womb. Those people they talk bad about him sorry I pray for you it is not you it is the spirit on you. must be custed out in Jesus name you are still in a cage I pray for you to be free in the name of Jesus. unless you are delivered when you die the spirit dominating your body will take you to hell. you must confess ask for forgiveness and before you accept Jesus as your personal saver you must be delivered to leave in the kingdom of heaven. this is the right order to own Jesus and Jesus to own you to live in the word of god and the word of god to live on you. Brothers and sisters do not full your self. it is time to seek jesus hury up, hury up, hury up this is my prophsey for those people want to listen and save their life. may god bless you.

  79. celestine11-02-15


  80. celestine11-02-15


  81. Jacqueline Munroe12-06-15

    I greet you in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I would like to visit the Scoan church. Please let me know when the next trip is planned for. It will be three persons in my party. Many thanks for your kind consideration. I hope to hear from you soon for future planning. God bless

  82. Jacqueline Munroe12-06-15

    When is Prophet TB Joshua scheduled to visit the USA, Carribbean or South America?

    • MESERET BELAYNEH12-07-15


  83. elijah sinyinza12-08-15

    The only way you will know the truth about the prophet and his ministry is when you visit and not to read stories on internet and mediums run by unbelievers. It is better to board a moving bus than a parked one because God is still the same yesterday today and forever. If He was talking, than he is still doing the talking. If He was healing then He is still healing so why is it that those who have failed to yield to the will of God hate the one who has simply obeyed the instruction? It is because they fear to be exposed oftheir greed,hatred and compromised doctrines. God can use who ever He wishes to use especially when they have a pure heart.

    • Jacqueline Munroe12-08-15

      I am a beleiver because I am a born again christian. However, I have problems in my life and that is why I need to visit SCOAN. I need deliverance no doubt. All my life I faced challenges because of being brought up in a dysfunctional family therefore, generational curses are still there and I must have those matters addressed and Jesus is the only way, through his servant Prophet TB Joshua. I need to hear from God. Distance is no barrier but from what I have seen, I must experience God for my own christian growth. I pray that I can be apart of this visit. I am trusting God all the way. Amen!

      • Andrew12-08-15

        Is there anybody can help with god heart please advice me how to be heal in the distant as it is no barriers to be heal. I mean how to pray while watching SCOAN tv with prophet TV Joshua.

  84. Samuel12-08-15

    I love Synagogue. I love tb joshua I always feel bless when I watch emmanuel tv..Prophet TB joshua is really God sent..

  85. Jackson Etop12-20-15

    Please I really want to visit scorn but I want know the booking arrangements. TB Joshua’s preaching is unique it comes with truth and wisdom I really can’t wait to meet with him (but how)? am happy something good can come out of Nigeria

  86. Guerlite brumaire12-27-15

    I would like to visit Scoan please let me know when the next trip God bless

    • HGY12-27-15

      We don’t know when we will have next trip, but we will notify you of that once we have it!

  87. zanele norah sithole12-28-15

    I would like to visit the church please my life i

  88. Roselyn Wekullo12-29-15

    Hi, am from Kenya and would love to visit scoan too with my fiance. Need deliverance. Any Kenyans planning to go we arrange/organize together. Be blessed

  89. hellother12-29-15

    how i envy you guys to be prayed by all of them including wisemen and TB Joshua, receive instructions, blessings haha great! praise the Lord i am happy for you i just dont know why i wait so much for the reply from Scoan after applying, hopefully i am not considered dangerous or something by my phoo hahah

  90. Michael Heath01-01-16

    I want to do the work of the Lord but there is a curse over my life and I need some of the holy water.

  91. James K Miezah01-02-16

    It is unfortunate how some people are still blinded by Satan and cannot see the abundance of GRACE The Lord has endowed Prophet TB Joshua with and appreciate the deliverance, healing and prophecies the faithful ones are continuously receiving from the true man of God. I talk to people to watch Emmanuel TV to gain spiritual uplifting and to rejuvenate their faith in the Lord. May God open people’s eyes and minds to draw closer to God.

    I am retired and have all the time to travel and hope The Good Lord will grant my request to enable me travel from NY to SCOAN this year, 2016. Amen

  92. yves rukara01-09-16

    Thank you for all information giving different people in way to know the power of the Lord. I am asking more how can I go to visit SCOAN with your team this year plz.

  93. Karim K01-10-16

    Am very interested in visiting SCOAN. I know the current registration for visiting in March is now closed. Could you kindly pelease send me info on the next group trip afyer March. THANKS! I Kindly appreciate.

  94. Mbuyi01-19-16

    i need to go to scoan so eagerly bcos of my health ,i would like to know how to register and get answer soon.i know my life is going to change .please help AMEN.

    • Benjamin b01-20-16

      just go to Scoanvist all the necessary informations are over not difficulty to complete the form

  95. JENNIFER YOOSUF01-21-16

    Need to go to scoan,pls reply

  96. Patience01-21-16

    Hi I really need to go to SCOAN I know my life will never be the same. I watch the man of God on YouTube every day. Let me know when the next team will be going. A live in Maryland.

  97. Edith01-21-16

    I did register for the Feb/March trip to SCOAN, how do I know wether I was accepted or not. My job requires me to be notify at least 21 days in advance if I am to be off duty for more than 4 days. Kindly update me in time so that I do not miss my chance.

  98. Promise Emmanuel Kamboma01-31-16

    i living in Malawi and interest to visit SCOAN but my financial status is not enough to take me there please brethren i need your Prayer so that GODs mercy,favor and grace to my life

  99. Ruth02-09-16

    I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Good Morning HGY? I have applied to visit SCOAN and l have been give reference number but l have been waiting for the invitation letter and l am becoming desperate, what should l do now to remind the invitation team that l am still waiting? I have called the international visit line but the lady who picks the phone only tells me one same sentence, bear with us, you will get your reply on your email address and that is her conversation on the phone. Please help me if possible. God bless you. Ruth

    • HGY02-09-16

      Please write back to SCOAn, they gave you reference Number so that they can help you.

      We don’t issue letters of invitation. Keep on praying and waiting!

  100. Andy brown04-08-16

    I want to be purified what am trying to get rid of is difficult.i want to be heald so I can do the same for others and spread the good news.

  101. Andy brown04-08-16

    I want to be purified what am trying to get rid of is difficult.i want to be heald so I can do the same for others and spread the good news. Please assist you have my email.

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